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facebook off the web browser

i was browsing the web this afternoon and i see this video by Chris Pirillo in his youtube page

Chris Pirillo PNG with a transparent background

Chris Pirillo

(a tech/ pc geek) talking about the

application made by Microsoft using Silverlight program. its a facebook

application outside the web browser. meaning you have to use this program just to view, post any comment in your facebook account.


has just released Silverlight 4 based facebook client for both Windows and Mac OS X. Back in April last year, Microsoft showed off a proof of concept facebook client which was made using facebook’s Open Stream API on Silverlight but unfortunately that never saw the light of the day. After a long wait, they have finally released a fully working client for users running Windows and OS X – with full capability to run it out-of-the-browser.

hope you guys use or try this program coz its really cool app.

thanks and till next post. anything about technology!