August is A- ghost- month

Some filipino chinese here @ pinas is believing that this month of august is the ghost month based on their chinese calendar. Some fengshui experts said that some of the reason why theres a lots of killings and accidents in our country happens only on this month. One of that is the hostage killing of a retired police man somewhere in manila. Some car and bus accidents also happened in some parts of the country. Is it really real or just a product of a paranormal activity.!!! All we have to do now is to pray for their souls. including my uncle who died in a few days ago. God bless their souls.


bitter story of mine…. ha ha ha

well this goes out to my co-worker in the office. he was telling me that he knows all the pc motherboard troubleshooting.but he acctually knows nothing.he also tells me he knows all kinds of operating system but again he fail… he’s just telling me that kind of stupid thing just to impress our boss but the truth is our boss really pissed off with him.he he he well im not saying that i know all those things but im certainly not telling some peaple the things that i not really know. but instead search it through google. he he he. yeah google is my best friend at all. without him im stupid!!!! ha ha ha. atleast i admit it. i’m gonna tell you astory about him one day about the linux mint that i installed in one of the pc’s in our office. i installed it to make study of it and he acctually tells me that he know’s that operating system. he just said to me that. ” oh i know that operating system. it’s one of your customized version again of windows xp. and then i laugh because he was saying that he can even tell every version of linux operating distribution in the net. ha ha ha, what a jerk… i also laugh with my self,i realized what a bitter co-worker could i be. he he he.

well anyways if ever he came here with my blog. i will post a description of the linux mint that i installed with that pc.

here it is….———>

Linux Mint is a computer operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution, which in turn is based on Debian.

Tux, the Linux penguin

Image via Wikipedia

Linux Mint provides an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease of installation. It is recognized for being user-friendly, particularly for users with no previous experience in Linux.[1]

Linux Mint is composed of many software packages, of which the vast majority are distributed under a free software license (also known as open source). The main license used is the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) which, along with the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL), explicitly declares that users are free to run, copy, distribute, study, change, develop and improve the software. Linux Mint is funded by its community of users. Individual users and companies using the operating system act as donors[2], sponsors[3] and partners[4] of the distribution. The financial support from the community and advertising on the website helps to keep Linux Mint free and open source.

until next bitter time. ha ha ha. blog you later!

Which Web browser you Prepare!

i was a avid user of a firefox a free and open source web browser

Image representing Mozilla as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. and i never try any other web browser before, except of trying any other web browser for testing purposes.until one friend of mine who is a pc technician also. i saw him using this web browser made by Google company and its called Google chrome. he was telling me that Google chrome is definitely one of the fastest web browser today. so i did not just take his word for it. but i tried it. and it was really fast. but as i was taking my research google chrome was really just another web browser from a original application  Chromium.

Chromium is the open source web browser project from which

Main logo and icon for the open source interne...

Image via Wikipedia

Google Chrome draws its source code.[1] The project’s hourly Chromium snapshots appear essentially similar[2] to the latest builds of Google Chrome aside from the omission of certain Google additions, most noticeable among them: Google’s brand, auto-update mechanism, click-through licensing terms, and bundling of Adobe Flash Player.

The Chromium Project takes its name from the element chromium (Cr), the metal from which Chrome is made.[3] Google’s intention, as expressed in the developer documentation, was that Chromium would be the name of open source project and that the final product name would be Chrome.[4] However other developers have taken the Chromium code and released versions under the Chromium name.

so given a  chance to use these web browsers is really a big help for me since i was wasting  half of my whole life spending it wit the cloud or the internet they said… so choosing a good , fast, and safe way of browsing is what my point in here. and there’s a lot’s of web browser in the market today also promising for a fast safe way of using the internet using their browsers.  as of now i am in a trial mode for this web browsers and i will tell you witch web browser is the best for witch kind of internet user you are….? and next time i will also try to use and update you guys about other web browser including safari by the apple company and opera web browser which is have the same purposes but different features. as of now i am also conducting a simple survey about what is the best web browser for you and why… are you only want to surf the net with those beautiful features of a web browser or are you the type of a user also concern in private securities and safe surfing the net. in which case i hope you participate with my poll survey.thanks and hope you find this blog article interesting.                                          —–Marksalcedo—-

facebook off the web browser

i was browsing the web this afternoon and i see this video by Chris Pirillo in his youtube page

Chris Pirillo PNG with a transparent background

Chris Pirillo

(a tech/ pc geek) talking about the

application made by Microsoft using Silverlight program. its a facebook

application outside the web browser. meaning you have to use this program just to view, post any comment in your facebook account.


has just released Silverlight 4 based facebook client for both Windows and Mac OS X. Back in April last year, Microsoft showed off a proof of concept facebook client which was made using facebook’s Open Stream API on Silverlight but unfortunately that never saw the light of the day. After a long wait, they have finally released a fully working client for users running Windows and OS X – with full capability to run it out-of-the-browser.

hope you guys use or try this program coz its really cool app.

thanks and till next post. anything about technology!