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How to turn your Windows 7 laptop into a wireless hotspot

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Ever wonder how could you turn your laptop into a hotspot wireless machine without buying extra router… chances are if you are using a windows7 your in-luck because windows 7 has a cool program that can turn your laptop running Windows 7 into a wireless hospot for sharing the internet in your house, so here’s the tutorial…

Sharing your Windows internet connection via software has traditionally been a tricky business.

There are programs that can help you do it, but they’re often awkward to set up, and prone to complicated security and reliability issues, so most people don’t even try.

But that could all be about to change, thanks to a new Windows 7 feature called Virtual Wi-Fi.

The idea is a simple one: the operating system can virtualise any compatible wireless adapter, to make it appear as though you’ve as many additional adapters as you need.

The effect is dramatic. Once it’s set up, then any Wi-Fi compatible device that can connect to you – another desktop, laptop, or an iPod Touch, say – will immediately be able to get online, by sharing your internet connection through a duplicate of your wireless adapter.

Getting this working isn’t too difficult, either, as long as you can get over the first hurdle: finding a virtual Wi-Fi-compatible driver for your wireless adapter.

Intel’s latest 32-bit and 64-bit drivers now include support, as do various others for Atheros, Broadcom, Realtek and other big players, but these don’t apply to every chipset. Check the support site for your wireless adapter to see what’s available.

If you’re in luck and manage to find and install an up-to-date Windows 7 driver for your adapter, then the next step is to set it up, and for that you’ll need an elevated command prompt. Click Start, type CMD, right-click the Cmd.exe link and select “Run as Administrator”.

Now type the following command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyNet key=MyPassword

and press [Enter]. Replace “MyNet” with the name you’d like to use for your custom network, and “MyPassword” with a password that’s a little harder to guess.

Still at the command line, type

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

and press [Enter] to fire up the virtual adapter.

Now click Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > Change Adapter Settings, right-click your internet connection and select Properties. Click the Sharing tab, check “Allow other network users to connect…”, choose your virtual Wi-Fi adaptor – and that’s it.

Any nearby Wi-Fi enabled device should see a new network appear with the SSID you defined above. They’ll be able to connect to it using your password, and can then immediately share your internet connection.

While it’s worth knowing how to do this manually, if it’s something you do often then you’ll probably prefer a simpler solution.

You could speed things up a little by creating a batch file to run the netsh commands, perhaps, but for a really easy life we’d recommend you install Virtual Router. It’s compact, free, and will automate the whole process for you with the minimum of hassle.


Cool inst it? so everyone in your house has a chance on browsing the internet with messing with your router. so better check out some tutorials with windows7 next time….Blog you later!


Another Windows7 Tips&Tricks #2

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this is my second post with Windows7 Tips and Tricks, so today im gonna teach you some of the cool tricks or programs that the windows7 has built in with their system, well i bet some of you guys have an iso image on your hard drive, whether it has to be a game image, or even a huge collection of music, or just a back-up copy of your whole hard drive, and you maybe just have any program to do this or even buy some expensive program to burn or even do the back-up thing in iso image format, so worry no more because windows7 has a built in program to easily burn those image format that you have straightly in your cd or dvd blanc disk,

Burn images
Windows 7 finally introduces a feature that other operating systems have had for years – the ability to burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs. And it couldn’t be much easier to use. Just double-click the ISO image, choose the drive with the blank disc, click Burn and watch as your disc is created.
it’s that easy,

and there’s one more tutorial about using the new calculator with windows7

Calculate more
At first glance the Windows 7 calculator looks just like Vista’s version, but explore the Mode menu and you’ll see powerful new Statistics and Programmer views. And if you’re clueless about bitwise manipulation, then try the Options menu instead. This offers many different unit conversions (length, weight, volume and more), date calculations (how many days between two dates?), and spreadsheet-type templates to help you calculate vehicle mileage, mortgage rates and more.

Don’t take any Windows 7 applet at face value, then – there are some very powerful new features hidden in the background. Be sure to explore every option in all Windows applets to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Windows 7 calculator

CALCULATE MORE: The new Calculator is packed with useful features and functionality
so i hope you learn something with this post, be sure to check out always my blog for some tutorials for windows7, thanks and God Bless!

it’s been awhile ( Review with MeeGo Operating system)

woaah, it’s really been awhile since i last posted a tutorial with my blog. i bet some of my subscribers missed my post, i think there’s two of them, ha ha ha, i was sick last week and also had a sore eyes, thank god only right part of my eye is infected with sore-eye. i really wanted to post some of my tutorials and tips and tricks that i personally learn it by my self, just to give you idea’s how to do things with your personal computers,  so enough of my sickness week,  what i about to share with you today is about the operating system that i test and even used for a week that is before i got this sore-eyes thing…. its the MeeGo Os From Linux, its really actually a joint project of Nokia and Intel Corporation, this is just for the net-books and some handheld devices, although the core program is from Linux itself. so i have a review on using this operating system, first is the looks and feel of the OS itself is kinda cool, it has a slick design and the most important is it’s being a user friendly and also fast booting, but the downside is it’s lack of program and for now it really has too many bugs specially with the browser itself, i heard and i also try it by my self using the firefox and the chromium that is pre-installed with the OS, i try browsing the facebook which everyones favorite netspot, i kinda have a hardtime browsing it through firefox and chromium browser, i cannot figure out what’s really wrong browsing facebook with it but other than that, any other website is fine, i also search from the other forum that they also having a hard time with browsing face with Meego operating system, so guess the Meego team has a lot’s of de-bugging to do with their os,and also with their garage program, well garage is like a program where you can download a free installer that you can install a lots of things in meego operating system, i hope you got my point there, so its basically a software downloading for meego user also, right now you cannot do anything with garage yet, Meego Operating system has a counterpart or should i say the first one who build the same os for netbook’s which is really cool also and has all the thing that you need with your netbook. so i guess i will just leave you with that review right now, i am really lousy typing some review tonight he he he, since im still in recovery mode, he he he.

God Mode in Windows7

Do you use Windows 7? i bet you also going in the Control Panel For quite a while just to tweak little bit options in your windows.but isn’t it too confusing to use the new control panel, if you get used to in old type of control panel in Windows Xp and Windows Vista? well here’s a little trick that will surely love… THE GOD MODE! yup you heard it right there’s a God Inside in windows And he’s hiding deep within heavens he he he, but i will tell you how you can find him or should i say, It?  just by simply typing this command  ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01… hep hep hep hep… not so fast… by typing or doing this trick it opens a lot more options to your control panel that is hidden among us, so here’s the tutorial,

i bet some of my friends in facebook were also reading this post now, offering to teach other people a help,  helping others is good as long as you learn it from me,,,, Ka-Ching! ha ha ha

Explore God Mode:

Windows 7 has changed Control Panel a little, but it’s still too difficult to locate all the applets and options that you might need. God Mode, however, while not being particularly godlike, does offer an easier way to access everything you could want from a single folder.

To try this out, create a new folder and rename it to:

Windows 7 god mode

The first part, “Everything” will be the folder name, and can be whatever you want: “Super Control Panel”, “Advanced”, “God Mode” if you prefer.

The extension, ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C, must be entered exactly as it is here, though, including the curly brackets. When you press [Enter] this part of the name will disappear, and double-clicking the new folder will display shortcuts to functions in the Action Centre, the Network and Sharing Centre, Power options, troubleshooting tools, user accounts and others – more than 260 options in total.

Windows 7 god mode

hmmmm well that’s a piece of cke to feed with your brain heh,

The trick is also said to work in Windows Vista, although some are warning that although it works fine in 32-bit versions of Vista, it can cause 64-bit versions of that operating system to crash.

lets do the call for help! Tech Guide for Noobie( Windows7 PSR)

ok i was walking in the streets of Santa Rosa this after noon, when i bump in with some of my friends and start to ask me about their pc, and how to do some stuffs with their computer machine, so i teach them some hooks or something like tips and tricks on using their windows operating system, we were talking for about an hour when i realized that im just  only running around in circles, what i mean is i kept on repeating in the answers that they ask since they’re just only asking me one question that leads to

another, so instead of talking with them for 10 hour’s, i just tell them that i have a website about

New laptops

technology , and all they have got to do is just go to my website sneak in for some tutorials that ma

y be interesting or just ask directly through my blog, or even subscribe with my mailing list, and i will be glad to answer all of your questions, related of course with technology, and so right now im doing this tips and tricks type of blog right now, look i may not always answer some of the questions,but i will try my best to help you, so my first topic or tip will be this…..—->

this is for all the Windows User out there, specially Windows 7 this tip is like screen casting or screen capturing type,,,,for us technician to determine the problems of your pc,   and it’s called PSR, it’s built in to windows 7.

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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1. Problem Steps RecorderAs the local PC guru you’re probably very used to friends and family asking for help with their computer problems, yet having no idea how to clearly describe what’s going on. It’s frustrating, but Microsoft feels your pain, and Windows 7 will include an excellent new solution in the Problem Steps Recorder.

When any app starts misbehaving under Windows 7 then all your friends need do is click Start, type PSR and press Enter, then click Start Record. If they then work through whatever they’re doing then the Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and keypress, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file when they’re finished, ready for emailing to you. It’s quick, easy and effective, and will save you hours of troubleshooting time.

this one is really helpful for us to know what ecxactly is the problem with the pc by sending to me your screen captured files using the Windows built in program called PSR…

Watch this Video for clear Tutorial—->

windows & Ubuntu Effects, Which is Great?

there’s a lot’s of ways on how to customize your desktop especially if your using a Windows Operating system. one of the website that i really like is or even the

Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

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which is really popular or their themes, widgets, icons, and even sounds scheme. so if your really into a serious customizing your desktop and want to change your boring windows look, take a look at the websites that i list, i will then later on post some of the Programs list on that given website, just for free guys, but did anyone of you ever try how to customized or even put some themes, icons effects, sounds shemes, widgets and more with you…Ehem!!! Linux Ubuntu System. linux has also a tons of effects offered just to express the real you. and im proud to say that some or mostly the effects in linux is you never see it in windows operating system. (that’s why i really love linux right now!) Windows also offered their Aero desktop compatibily starting when they build the Windows Vista,but since Vista is a really way up too software and hardware feeding frenzy type so some of the user say vista sucks! well including me, so enough of windows OS, back to linux Effects, There is one Program in linux and it’s called Compiz Fusion which is free and you only have to update your linux by it’s update manager, located in system/Administration//update manager, so what is does is update your current software then installed the Compiz Fusion but if not you can always download it in the software manager program, once installed you can now customize the way ,feel,  and look of your not other than Linux System, here’s the list of tutorials and effects that you can do with your linux system,

Songbird + Ubuntu + Compiz-Fusion
Image by gamebouille via Flickr

Overview: This tutorial will introduce how to customize desktop in Ubuntu 10.04. Ubuntu 10.04 is the latest version of Ubuntu. To make your Ubuntu more beautiful and convenient to use, you can follow the tutorial below to make some changes. The following will offer you Ubuntu desktop customization tips from 7 parts. If you switch to Ubuntu on your computer, you should read this tutorial to make a better Ubuntu desktop.

How to Customize Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop

1. Install Java JRE, Flash player, etc

There is no Java JRE, Flash plug-in or some other restricted apps installed in Ubuntu 10.04 by default. However, they are in common used. You can install them by the “Ubuntu restricted extras package”. a. Go to Applications -> Ubuntu Software Center to Open Ubuntu Software Center. b. Search libdvdcss to install Ubuntu restricted extras package. c. Once finished installation, your browser will pass the Java test. You can just play your favorite Flash videos on YouTube, or other multimedia apps over the Internet on Ubuntu 10.04.Customize Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop - Ubuntu Software Center

2. How to play encrypted DVD videos

The default installation of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx desktop lacks the application Totem needs to play encrypted DVD (Totem is the installed movie player). This means that out of the box, you will not be able to play most commercial DVD videos on Ubuntu 10.04. But that’s is a minor issue because you only need to install two small applications (libdvdread4 and libdvdcss) to start playing your favorite DVDs. Libdvdcss is used by libdvdread to decrypt videos encrypted with the Content Scrambling System (CSS). To install these apps on Ubuntu 10.04, launch a shell terminal and type in the following commands: sudo apt-get install libdvdread4 sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

Enable Compiz Fusion

Compiz Fusion is a 3D compositing window manager. It is installed by default, but the application to enable and manage it is not. If you have the requisite hardware for a 3D desktop, you will need to install CompizConfig to configure Compiz in Ubuntu 10.04. To do this, launch the Ubuntu Software Center from Applications >Ubuntu Software Center and do a search for “compiz.” Using the image below as a guide, install the CompizConfig package. After installation, you will find an entry for it in the menu �� System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager.Customize Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop - Enable Compiz Fusion

5. Tweak the screen saver and power saving options

By default, the Ubuntu desktop is configured to activate the screen saver and lock the screen after five minutes of inactivity, then put the display to sleep after thirty minutes. For home use, especially if you are the only person at home, this is not necessarily the best setting. To modify the default configuration, access the “Screensaver” utility from System > Preferences > Screensaver. The only two changes I like to make here are: Change the screensaver theme from “Blank screen” to “Random,” then uncheck “Lock screen when screensaver is active.” Note that if you use your computer in a public place, or you live with people you do not trust, it’s best to leave these settings unchanged. As a matter of fact, if you are in a public place and you need to step away from your computer for even a few seconds, activate the screensaver manually. If you want to modify the display’s power saving setting, click on the “Power Management” button.Customize Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop - Screen saver Clicking on the “Power Management” button brings up this window. You can also access it separately from System > Preferences > Power Management. By default, the display will “sleep” after thirty minutes of idleness. You can change to the other times options or to never. Your choice.

7. Modifying windows behavior when double-clicking on the title bar

Modify startup behaviors – I like to have my computer remember the applications that were open before I rebooted, shut it down, or logged out (this is not the same as startup applications). To make this happen, launch the “Startup Applications” utility from System > Preferences > Startup Applications, and click on the “Options” tab. The only option here is to check or enable “Automatically remember running applications when logging out.”

8. Install and enable Gufw

Gufw is the graphical interface to ufw, Ubuntu’s friendlier-than-IPTables firewall utility. By the time you are through making these simple changes, your Lucid Lynx desktop should be a better desktop operating system to use. and so that’s it, anytime that you did all of the tutorials here, your now ready to use your beautiful linux Distro. he he e. and of course there’s a lot’s of tutorial in the net including in most commonly Video uploading website,,,Youtube… See you next time. Blog you later

it’s starting to start the count down….

it’s this time of the year again to do some countdown for the x-mas. he he he . yes it was too early to celebrate x-mas in September but in a country like mine. (Philippines) were actually celebrating it early.

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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were really celebrating it like having a feast everyday starting the -ber- month but instead putting

some Christmas lights outside the house putting. some were actually beginning to set their Christmas tree inside their house. and what i most like in this season is the Air. it’s actually cold outside. so that’s it for the yultide season. celebrating it early this September. especially if you have a lot’s of money. coz i love shopping!

so enough of x-mas time. lets go to the Technology part…

last time i was talking about Ubuntu operating system and how its easy to use it. even people without experience of using any kind of operating system. right now lets talk about how to use one of the program i i was always using everyday. it was a uTorrent Client file.

is a freeware,closed source BitTorrent client by BitTorrent, Inc. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are written in C++.[9] It gets the “µ” in its name from the SI prefixmicro” meaning one one-millionth and it refers to the program’s small footprint by using the UPX executable compressor. The program is designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

The program has received consistently good reviews for its feature set, performa

The icon for the Mac OS X version

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nce, stability, and support for older hardware and versions of Windows. A report showed that µTorrent is the second most popular BitTorrent client (after the Chinese Xunlei).[10]

The program has been in active development since its first release in 2005. Although originally developed by Ludvig Strigeus, since December 7, 2006 the code is owned and maintained by BitTorrent, Inc.[11] The code has also been employed by BitTorrent, Inc. as the basis for version 6.0 of the BitTorrent client, a re-branded version of µTorrent.

According to a study by Arbor Networks, the 2008 adoption of IPv6 by µTorrent caused a 15-fold increase in IPv6 traffic across the Internet over a ten-month period.[12]

i also recomend this bit torrent client file to those who really wants to download any file in the internet simply by visiting any torrent website out there. including the  which is really good torrent tracker  website. also i recommend also this torrent site which is also good tracker website.  here’s a little description from wikipedia  —->

Demonoid is a website and BitTorrent tracker created by an anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym “Deimos” and “Zajson”. The website indexes torrents uploaded by its members. It


Image via Wikipedia

is the second largest,[2][3] and is the most popular, public tracker,[4] and is ranked the 403rd most popular website overall in December 2008, according to Alexa.[5] Demonoid’s torrent tracker had an estimated 3 million peers in September 2007.[4] The site had over 252,427 torrents indexed as of May 3, 2009 (torrents uploaded prior to August 4, 2005 were removed to free server resources).


Registration is open to those with invites from current users.[7]

Legal issues

Twelve cease and desist letters to users of Demonoid were found in a July 2007 study by[10]

Website issues

Demonoid experienced a prolonged downtime in late 2009 due to hardware failure. On September 14, 2009, Demonoid’s torrent tracker went down after it was reported that they had experienced a number of hardware problems stemming from power outages.[21] The tracker returned to service on November 5,[22] and the main site returned on December 13. A message was posted on the homepage stating that “We might have to shut down everything to fix and prevent further damage,” and that it could be “days maybe, until we can change the power circuit.”[23]During the downtime that followed, several new messages appeared, mostly providing updates on the repair status and promising that the site would return soon. On November 4, 2009, the tracker, which communicates with a BitTorrent client, began responding to some torrents, and returned to full operation on November 17. The main site, however, did not become operational until December 13, 2009.

On April 26, 2010,, started experiencing downtime or extreme slowness. A message was posted on the site that it was due to a denial-of-service attack, which has subsided as of July, 2010.[24] The site is now currently being banned in China, Taiwan and Mexico.

anyways. guys im planning to give any of you a free invite(registration) to demonoid website so just give me a buzz here. thanks till next post guys… blog you later

Ubuntu Vs. Mac Os X Vs. Microsoft Windows

Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...

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guys this is my update in installing ubuntu in my pc. i installed it to my pc last nite and i must say that it impressed me so much! last time i post a blog about WEb browsers and right now its between Operating system that im currently doing my research.

  • first its really a hell of speed. it only took me a blazing 15
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard desktop

    Image via Wikipedia

    to 20 minutes of installing it.

  • second is its Aesthetics is really great. if your also a fan of Mac Os X you will love Ubuntu Coz you can customized the way and the feel of mac os x.
  • third is,  it’s virus free.
  • fourth is you can also use any windows program using Wine Program in ubuntu. so if your really a fan of Microsoft products including their MS OFFICE 2007 you can use it in ubuntu system. and any other software
  • fifth is the free software provided already inside and there’s a lot more to download through their application download manager.
  • you can also installed it in your Netbook and it really works fast.
    Image representing Windows as depicted in Crun...

there’s a lot more things that i like in this Operating system.i will certainly discuss it in the next topic. as i am still in learning prgress with it. and there’s also one thing that i like in Ubuntu.. it is never hard to understand their system. and of course  it is really a hell of fast booting. if i turn on my pc it acctually takes my about half a minute to open it. by the way i am using Version 10.04 also about the aesthetic. you have to install and update your video card driver just to enable the effects.and it’s really easy and fast. and oh did i tell you that Ubuntu is free? yup it is! you can even download it through their website or they send it right through your doorstep but of course with some shipping fee which can only cost you about a minimum of 5bucks i guess. but it’s really good if you just download it. it only takes you a 15-20 minutes depends on your internet speed. here’s the link———> and here’s the download link —–> so right now it must be thumbs up with the Ubuntu os. when it becomes to fast booting, fast loading, free updates and free programs, Aesthetics, and a lot more to consider. 5 stars for this.!!!and theres a lot more tutorials in the internet including YouTube on how to install this if your kind of hesitating to use this one. actually after you download Ubuntu you can use it right away after burning the ISO to the CD, just boot the cd in your pc and there’s an option on trying it first before you use it then if you decide to install it. there’s a step by step guide on how to do it, and it only takes you a minute or two. so right there folks. until next time. i will post /update this one…

Which Web browser you Prepare!

i was a avid user of a firefox a free and open source web browser

Image representing Mozilla as depicted in Crun...

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descended from the Mozilla Application Suite and managed by Mozilla Corporation. and i never try any other web browser before, except of trying any other web browser for testing purposes.until one friend of mine who is a pc technician also. i saw him using this web browser made by Google company and its called Google chrome. he was telling me that Google chrome is definitely one of the fastest web browser today. so i did not just take his word for it. but i tried it. and it was really fast. but as i was taking my research google chrome was really just another web browser from a original application  Chromium.

Chromium is the open source web browser project from which

Main logo and icon for the open source interne...

Image via Wikipedia

Google Chrome draws its source code.[1] The project’s hourly Chromium snapshots appear essentially similar[2] to the latest builds of Google Chrome aside from the omission of certain Google additions, most noticeable among them: Google’s brand, auto-update mechanism, click-through licensing terms, and bundling of Adobe Flash Player.

The Chromium Project takes its name from the element chromium (Cr), the metal from which Chrome is made.[3] Google’s intention, as expressed in the developer documentation, was that Chromium would be the name of open source project and that the final product name would be Chrome.[4] However other developers have taken the Chromium code and released versions under the Chromium name.

so given a  chance to use these web browsers is really a big help for me since i was wasting  half of my whole life spending it wit the cloud or the internet they said… so choosing a good , fast, and safe way of browsing is what my point in here. and there’s a lot’s of web browser in the market today also promising for a fast safe way of using the internet using their browsers.  as of now i am in a trial mode for this web browsers and i will tell you witch web browser is the best for witch kind of internet user you are….? and next time i will also try to use and update you guys about other web browser including safari by the apple company and opera web browser which is have the same purposes but different features. as of now i am also conducting a simple survey about what is the best web browser for you and why… are you only want to surf the net with those beautiful features of a web browser or are you the type of a user also concern in private securities and safe surfing the net. in which case i hope you participate with my poll survey.thanks and hope you find this blog article interesting.                                          —–Marksalcedo—-