Long time no hear/see/post

Happy new year everyone! Its been a ling time since i last check and update my blog, lots of changes, lots of experiences and knowledge have been add up to my knowledge vault but non of them posted or even shared,kind of lousy those past few months, been busy with my career.(that is if i have a career)but anyways since i just start to update my blog,let me also update you with some of the things that im also busy with, first is im a part time dj right now so most of the time im always making some mixes, practising my skills in music mixes, etc…most of the time im always dowloading dj software and testing it out with my gear, sometimes im also out for a gig, and a lot more stuff happens to me last year, well i guess i will tell you more about some other boring stuff happens to my life and also some cool new tricks with computer programs, and also with some articles in computer dj’ing, tell you more next time! God bless!


About marksalcedo

I.T. Technician, tech savvy, loves comedy film as well as horror films. loves any genre of music, im also a bedroom dj, tech enthusiast,

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