it’s been awhile ( Review with MeeGo Operating system)

woaah, it’s really been awhile since i last posted a tutorial with my blog. i bet some of my subscribers missed my post, i think there’s two of them, ha ha ha, i was sick last week and also had a sore eyes, thank god only right part of my eye is infected with sore-eye. i really wanted to post some of my tutorials and tips and tricks that i personally learn it by my self, just to give you idea’s how to do things with your personal computers,  so enough of my sickness week,  what i about to share with you today is about the operating system that i test and even used for a week that is before i got this sore-eyes thing…. its the MeeGo Os From Linux, its really actually a joint project of Nokia and Intel Corporation, this is just for the net-books and some handheld devices, although the core program is from Linux itself. so i have a review on using this operating system, first is the looks and feel of the OS itself is kinda cool, it has a slick design and the most important is it’s being a user friendly and also fast booting, but the downside is it’s lack of program and for now it really has too many bugs specially with the browser itself, i heard and i also try it by my self using the firefox and the chromium that is pre-installed with the OS, i try browsing the facebook which everyones favorite netspot, i kinda have a hardtime browsing it through firefox and chromium browser, i cannot figure out what’s really wrong browsing facebook with it but other than that, any other website is fine, i also search from the other forum that they also having a hard time with browsing face with Meego operating system, so guess the Meego team has a lot’s of de-bugging to do with their os,and also with their garage program, well garage is like a program where you can download a free installer that you can install a lots of things in meego operating system, i hope you got my point there, so its basically a software downloading for meego user also, right now you cannot do anything with garage yet, Meego Operating system has a counterpart or should i say the first one who build the same os for netbook’s which is really cool also and has all the thing that you need with your netbook. so i guess i will just leave you with that review right now, i am really lousy typing some review tonight he he he, since im still in recovery mode, he he he.


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