Another Windows7 Tips&Tricks #2

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this is my second post with Windows7 Tips and Tricks, so today im gonna teach you some of the cool tricks or programs that the windows7 has built in with their system, well i bet some of you guys have an iso image on your hard drive, whether it has to be a game image, or even a huge collection of music, or just a back-up copy of your whole hard drive, and you maybe just have any program to do this or even buy some expensive program to burn or even do the back-up thing in iso image format, so worry no more because windows7 has a built in program to easily burn those image format that you have straightly in your cd or dvd blanc disk,

Burn images
Windows 7 finally introduces a feature that other operating systems have had for years – the ability to burn ISO images to CDs or DVDs. And it couldn’t be much easier to use. Just double-click the ISO image, choose the drive with the blank disc, click Burn and watch as your disc is created.
it’s that easy,

and there’s one more tutorial about using the new calculator with windows7

Calculate more
At first glance the Windows 7 calculator looks just like Vista’s version, but explore the Mode menu and you’ll see powerful new Statistics and Programmer views. And if you’re clueless about bitwise manipulation, then try the Options menu instead. This offers many different unit conversions (length, weight, volume and more), date calculations (how many days between two dates?), and spreadsheet-type templates to help you calculate vehicle mileage, mortgage rates and more.

Don’t take any Windows 7 applet at face value, then – there are some very powerful new features hidden in the background. Be sure to explore every option in all Windows applets to ensure you don’t miss anything important.

Windows 7 calculator

CALCULATE MORE: The new Calculator is packed with useful features and functionality
so i hope you learn something with this post, be sure to check out always my blog for some tutorials for windows7, thanks and God Bless!


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