lets do the call for help! Tech Guide for Noobie( Windows7 PSR)

ok i was walking in the streets of Santa Rosa this after noon, when i bump in with some of my friends and start to ask me about their pc, and how to do some stuffs with their computer machine, so i teach them some hooks or something like tips and tricks on using their windows operating system, we were talking for about an hour when i realized that im just  only running around in circles, what i mean is i kept on repeating in the answers that they ask since they’re just only asking me one question that leads to

another, so instead of talking with them for 10 hour’s, i just tell them that i have a website about

New laptops

technology , and all they have got to do is just go to my website sneak in for some tutorials that ma

y be interesting or just ask directly through my blog, or even subscribe with my mailing list, and i will be glad to answer all of your questions, related of course with technology, and so right now im doing this tips and tricks type of blog right now, look i may not always answer some of the questions,but i will try my best to help you, so my first topic or tip will be this…..—->

this is for all the Windows User out there, specially Windows 7 this tip is like screen casting or screen capturing type,,,,for us technician to determine the problems of your pc,   and it’s called PSR, it’s built in to windows 7.

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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1. Problem Steps RecorderAs the local PC guru you’re probably very used to friends and family asking for help with their computer problems, yet having no idea how to clearly describe what’s going on. It’s frustrating, but Microsoft feels your pain, and Windows 7 will include an excellent new solution in the Problem Steps Recorder.

When any app starts misbehaving under Windows 7 then all your friends need do is click Start, type PSR and press Enter, then click Start Record. If they then work through whatever they’re doing then the Problem Steps Recorder will record every click and keypress, take screen grabs, and package everything up into a single zipped MHTML file when they’re finished, ready for emailing to you. It’s quick, easy and effective, and will save you hours of troubleshooting time.

this one is really helpful for us to know what ecxactly is the problem with the pc by sending to me your screen captured files using the Windows built in program called PSR…

Watch this Video for clear Tutorial—->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rz4JMPf6jM


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