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recently i resign with my current job as a system administrator and a in-house technician in some family owned business firm in Santa Rosa Laguna, i decided to stop because of salary issue’s with my boss, well its been a year now since they promise to increase my salary after a month or two. so since they still ignore me about raising my salary, might as well stop working with them rather than staying but less salary i get from them, its a little bit of frustrating with me because i give and meet all their needs, but i rather not blame them, it’s their way of running their business, i must find another way to have a job again which is i think it’s easy for me since i have a lot’s of experience in finding and having a job. well for my colleague or co workers that still in frustration or still continuing their job on that place,

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hope magising na kayo coz the truth is still out there, you can still find another good job so dont waste time staying there. this post is for Jen, Dhey, and yan yan of course, so if ever you find this blog, read it and realize the fact that we have enough knowledge and guts to find more good and great job suited for us, of course outside that f#%$ing building,(sorry for those who read this blog ,,, you probably dont have any idea what im talking about. well again this blog is for you guys…. think about it and have a fruitful job in the near future. god bless you all,


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I.T. Technician, tech savvy, loves comedy film as well as horror films. loves any genre of music, im also a bedroom dj, tech enthusiast,

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