it’s starting to start the count down….

it’s this time of the year again to do some countdown for the x-mas. he he he . yes it was too early to celebrate x-mas in September but in a country like mine. (Philippines) were actually celebrating it early.

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...

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were really celebrating it like having a feast everyday starting the -ber- month but instead putting

some Christmas lights outside the house putting. some were actually beginning to set their Christmas tree inside their house. and what i most like in this season is the Air. it’s actually cold outside. so that’s it for the yultide season. celebrating it early this September. especially if you have a lot’s of money. coz i love shopping!

so enough of x-mas time. lets go to the Technology part…

last time i was talking about Ubuntu operating system and how its easy to use it. even people without experience of using any kind of operating system. right now lets talk about how to use one of the program i i was always using everyday. it was a uTorrent Client file.

is a freeware,closed source BitTorrent client by BitTorrent, Inc. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are written in C++.[9] It gets the “µ” in its name from the SI prefixmicro” meaning one one-millionth and it refers to the program’s small footprint by using the UPX executable compressor. The program is designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet.

The program has received consistently good reviews for its feature set, performa

The icon for the Mac OS X version

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nce, stability, and support for older hardware and versions of Windows. A report showed that µTorrent is the second most popular BitTorrent client (after the Chinese Xunlei).[10]

The program has been in active development since its first release in 2005. Although originally developed by Ludvig Strigeus, since December 7, 2006 the code is owned and maintained by BitTorrent, Inc.[11] The code has also been employed by BitTorrent, Inc. as the basis for version 6.0 of the BitTorrent client, a re-branded version of µTorrent.

According to a study by Arbor Networks, the 2008 adoption of IPv6 by µTorrent caused a 15-fold increase in IPv6 traffic across the Internet over a ten-month period.[12]

i also recomend this bit torrent client file to those who really wants to download any file in the internet simply by visiting any torrent website out there. including the  which is really good torrent tracker  website. also i recommend also this torrent site which is also good tracker website.  here’s a little description from wikipedia  —->

Demonoid is a website and BitTorrent tracker created by an anonymous Serbian known only by the pseudonym “Deimos” and “Zajson”. The website indexes torrents uploaded by its members. It


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is the second largest,[2][3] and is the most popular, public tracker,[4] and is ranked the 403rd most popular website overall in December 2008, according to Alexa.[5] Demonoid’s torrent tracker had an estimated 3 million peers in September 2007.[4] The site had over 252,427 torrents indexed as of May 3, 2009 (torrents uploaded prior to August 4, 2005 were removed to free server resources).


Registration is open to those with invites from current users.[7]

Legal issues

Twelve cease and desist letters to users of Demonoid were found in a July 2007 study by[10]

Website issues

Demonoid experienced a prolonged downtime in late 2009 due to hardware failure. On September 14, 2009, Demonoid’s torrent tracker went down after it was reported that they had experienced a number of hardware problems stemming from power outages.[21] The tracker returned to service on November 5,[22] and the main site returned on December 13. A message was posted on the homepage stating that “We might have to shut down everything to fix and prevent further damage,” and that it could be “days maybe, until we can change the power circuit.”[23]During the downtime that followed, several new messages appeared, mostly providing updates on the repair status and promising that the site would return soon. On November 4, 2009, the tracker, which communicates with a BitTorrent client, began responding to some torrents, and returned to full operation on November 17. The main site, however, did not become operational until December 13, 2009.

On April 26, 2010,, started experiencing downtime or extreme slowness. A message was posted on the site that it was due to a denial-of-service attack, which has subsided as of July, 2010.[24] The site is now currently being banned in China, Taiwan and Mexico.

anyways. guys im planning to give any of you a free invite(registration) to demonoid website so just give me a buzz here. thanks till next post guys… blog you later


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