Ubuntu Vs. Mac Os X Vs. Microsoft Windows

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guys this is my update in installing ubuntu in my pc. i installed it to my pc last nite and i must say that it impressed me so much! last time i post a blog about WEb browsers and right now its between Operating system that im currently doing my research.

  • first its really a hell of speed. it only took me a blazing 15
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    to 20 minutes of installing it.

  • second is its Aesthetics is really great. if your also a fan of Mac Os X you will love Ubuntu Coz you can customized the way and the feel of mac os x.
  • third is,  it’s virus free.
  • fourth is you can also use any windows program using Wine Program in ubuntu. so if your really a fan of Microsoft products including their MS OFFICE 2007 you can use it in ubuntu system. and any other software
  • fifth is the free software provided already inside and there’s a lot more to download through their application download manager.
  • you can also installed it in your Netbook and it really works fast.
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there’s a lot more things that i like in this Operating system.i will certainly discuss it in the next topic. as i am still in learning prgress with it. and there’s also one thing that i like in Ubuntu.. it is never hard to understand their system. and of course  it is really a hell of fast booting. if i turn on my pc it acctually takes my about half a minute to open it. by the way i am using Version 10.04 also about the aesthetic. you have to install and update your video card driver just to enable the effects.and it’s really easy and fast. and oh did i tell you that Ubuntu is free? yup it is! you can even download it through their website or they send it right through your doorstep but of course with some shipping fee which can only cost you about a minimum of 5bucks i guess. but it’s really good if you just download it. it only takes you a 15-20 minutes depends on your internet speed. here’s the link———> www.ubuntu.com and here’s the download link —–> http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download so right now it must be thumbs up with the Ubuntu os. when it becomes to fast booting, fast loading, free updates and free programs, Aesthetics, and a lot more to consider. 5 stars for this.!!!and theres a lot more tutorials in the internet including YouTube on how to install this if your kind of hesitating to use this one. actually after you download Ubuntu you can use it right away after burning the ISO to the CD, just boot the cd in your pc and there’s an option on trying it first before you use it then if you decide to install it. there’s a step by step guide on how to do it, and it only takes you a minute or two. so right there folks. until next time. i will post /update this one…


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