August is A- ghost- month

Some filipino chinese here @ pinas is believing that this month of august is the ghost month based on their chinese calendar. Some fengshui experts said that some of the reason why theres a lots of killings and accidents in our country happens only on this month. One of that is the hostage killing of a retired police man somewhere in manila. Some car and bus accidents also happened in some parts of the country. Is it really real or just a product of a paranormal activity.!!! All we have to do now is to pray for their souls. including my uncle who died in a few days ago. God bless their souls.


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  1. as the author of this website. i too experienced this tragic month for me. i just lost my loving brother. he just hanged his self and committed suicide. it was july 31 and first day of august. it was really shocking and sad for the whole family. god bless his soul!

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